Blended Whisky – Mekong Whisky from Thailand

Blended Whisky – Mekong Whisky from Thailand

Well, well, well this is a tasting for the record books. On Nicola’s recent visit to Thailand she returned with a few bottles of Whisky and one of these was a Thai Whisky in which the storekeeper in broken English suggested it was nice to drink and the bottle only cost 170 Baht which is approx £3.58.   You could say this was not the most expensive 75cl bottle on the market, if anyone out there knows of a cheaper Whisky, do tell us.

Mekong is 35% Alc/vol made from approx 95% sugar spirit and only 5% rice. Famous in Thailand as the drink of choice for the ordinary man in the street. Most of the Thai’s drink this with ice and or soda water.

So there was nothing left to do but to open this bottle of Mekhong Whisky.

The Tastingmekhong-whisky

Colour…Burnt orange.

Jim’s tasting

Nose…Chemical / white spirit – no sign of Whisky as we know it.

Taste…There is a flavour there, but I don’t know what it is, it ain’t Whisky.

Finish…The sooner the better.

Score…0 corks

Nicola’s tasting

Nose…I’m scared, smells like celery (could cure or kill me)

Taste…Did not get that far.

Finish…No Idea.

Score…0 corks

Overall score…0 corks

Well what can we say about this, firstly let us apologise for calling it Whisky earlier in this review, because one thing is for sure, it is as close to Whisky as jelly is to Mount Everest.

This bottle should have a health warning in the way that all hazardous liquids have

It was not poor is was quite revolting, but the Whisky Boys had to do a tasting because it was bought as a Whisky and we will review the good the bad and the ugly, and this one was not only bad it was ugly too.

The Whisky Boys would recommend that if you come across a bottle either in a bar or in a shop, home or abroad, then take our advise and RUN.  The Whisky Boys stumbled across this hilarious link of a traveler tasting Mekong Whisky:

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2 Responses

  1. Chai says:

    Now you can buy Maekhong whisky at 7-11 in Thailand only 130 baht.
    If Maekhong whisky keep for along time the colour will lighter than new bottled
    and have a better smell and taste than new one, too.

  2. Mr Jay Maxwell says:

    It’s a rum. Made from molasses. No recognised grains.

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