The simple answer to this I do not have one, I have many !!!

The supermarkets are on full tilt towards Christmas and the New Year with bargains and offers galore.

All our local big boys i.e. Asda, Morrison’s, Sainsbury’s and Tesco are all at it, it is as if they all go around each others stores to check the competition on a hourly basis and then adjust the prices accordingly.

All the above stores have discounts on their Single Malts of approx £5 up to £7 on a standard size bottle which is not bad, but us Single Malt Scotch drinkers, we would like bigger discounts, we can all hope.

It is the Blends that see the biggest fight for sales, for example Bells and The Famous Grouse litre sized bottles selling for less than £12 which both Jim and Dougie took great advantage to and stocked up.

One of the biggest savings was found buy Nicola when she heard over supermarket tannoy “Whyte and Mackay litre bottles are now on sale for only £10”, Nicola managed to charge over and get 4 bottles, 2 for Jim and 2 for Dougie. Ithe-famous-grouse-whisky think that Nicola might be doing a wee blog on this very short lived discount super price.

The discounts don’t just pertain to Whisky but also to Gin, Vodka, Rum etc etc.

On this occasion I cannot give you a particular Whisky from a particular store, but do visit your stores regularly and take up any grand offer that is on, this mini gold rush might not last forever.

If anyone out there finds any exceptional bargains especially on Single Malt Scotch Whiskies, please let the Whisky Boys know.

Happy hunting and shopping to all.

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