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Pheasant and Whisky Pie

Pheasant and Whisky Pie

Serves 4


· 20g butterlagavulin-maltwhisky
· 250 pork mince
· 4 tbsp whisky ( A strong peaty malt would do very nicely here)
· 4 tbsp sour cream
· 80g cheddar cheese grated
· 80g cranberries
* 400 gm pheasant diced meat
* 1 egg yolk
* Salt & Pepper
* And ready to roll puff pastry


* Heat oven to 180 degrees Gas 4. Grease a l litre pie dish with butter.
* Mix in a bowl the pork mince, whisky, sour cream, cheese and cranberries and put into the pie dish
* Ensure the pheasant meat is dry and season and place on top of the mince mixture already in the pie dish.
* Whisk the egg yolk and brush around the edge of the pie dish
* Roll out the pastry and put on top of pie mixture and brush with remainder of egg.
* Bake in the oven for 45 minutes

Remember to keep a wee dram for an after dinner drink.

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