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Glengoyne Whisky – Easy Easter Pudding

For a long time Jim has advocated the joy of chocolate and Whisky. I never could really understand this combination, but as time goes by I realise that this is a happy marriage to flavours. Why not try this:

Easy Easter Pudding

Serves 6

1 pint of double cream

4 tablespoons of Whisky (a good choice would be a Glengoyne)glengoyne-10-year-old

2 oz of toasted almonds

2 egg whites

1 oz of caster sugar

Seeds from a vanilla pod

6 chocolate digestive biscuits ( the best the shop has)

Bar of favourite chocolate for garnishing (optional – but always handy to have spare chocolate)


Crush the biscuits and distribute evenly on the bases of 6 serving dessert dishes. Whip the cream to stiff peaks and mix in with the Whisky, sugar and vanilla seeds, in a separate bowl whisk up the egg whites to a stiff mixture and spoon alternate layers of each mixture over the biscuit bases. Chill and prior to serving sprinkle with toasted almonds and as much grated chocolate as you can handle.

On a side dish you can always finish it of with Cadbury’s Cream Egg.

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