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I work in Stirling and this morning was reminded of just how beautiful Scotland is. Like many regular journeys, we quite often stop looking at what is around us. It was a fresh, crisp, cool morning and the hills looked clear and defined. The grass seemed a little greener, the farmers are beginning to plough their fields and the cattle are beginning to graze again.  Based on this alone, I would recmmendy everyone makes time to visit Scotland.

The weather for the day can so often be predicted by the look of the hills, but this morning, not a cloud, so looking good (a good day to put a washing out !)

My thoughts turned to Dougie and I felt sorry for him having to fly down to Heathrow, whicstirling-castleh I imagine would be a soulless environment to work in, but at least he gets a chance to come home at the weekends and bask in all things Scottish (including the drizzle).

For those of you have who have never ventured to Scotland, I would recommend that you try to come. We have hearty food, warm hearths, the best Whisky in the World and a big welcome. Like all countries we have our less attractive inner cities, but on the whole as a small country with only 5 million people (most of them friendly) I would recommend it. It is always interesting to hear what initial impact Scotland has on new visitors and one of my American friends found it so amazing that there were always hills on the horizon, again it is something that you take for granted when you live here, but I am aware that when I go visiting abroad, I am found to say – “its so flat”.

Why not come and visit Scotland. (Tell them the Whisky Boys sent you)


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