Hirsch | Horizon | Bourbon

Hirsch | Horizon | Bourbon

Hirsch  |  Horizon  |  Bourbon Straight Bourbon Whiskey | 75cl / 46%

This new incarnation of Hirsch, a famous whiskey name, was first introduced in 2020, inviting whiskey enthusiasts to explore new horizons with a familiar association. The palate offers classic bourbon characteristics with notes of sweet cornbread and vanilla, joined by cinnamon and oak spices on the lingering finish.

Distilled in Lawrenceberg, Indiana, this bourbon from the Selected Whiskeys series is a blend of 94% traditional mash bill whiskey – aged for a minimum of four years – and 6% high-rye mash – aged for at least six years. Please note that due to the small batch nature of this expression, the age of the whiskies used might vary between batches.


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15th May 2023

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