Old Pulteney – The Coastal Series

Old Pulteney (The Maritimer Malt) has released its first new expressions as part of its new Coastal Series. The first is ‘Pineau des Charentes wine finish. There will be a total of four Limited Editions expressions all from coastal locations around the world.

This expression is from the southwest part of France close to Bordeaux.

This expression is first matured in traditional American oak casks. It then carries on its maturation in French Pineau des Charente oak casks selected by Master Blender Stuart Harvey.

Malcolm Waring old Pulteney’s Distillery manager, Said:

“We’re very pleased to introduce Old Pulteney Pineau des Charentes, the first in a new, exciting series by the brand. Old Pulteney’s past, present and taste is influenced by its home by the sea on the Caithness Coast,​ and The Coastal Series beautifully explores cask maturations that highlight wonderful expressions influenced by their global coastal homes.”

“Our Pineau des Charentes expression is a beautifully light, fruity single malt that showcases both the flavours of our wonderfully matured spirit, but balanced with the rich sweetness of the Pineau des Charentes, resulting in a truly exquisite expression.”

Time now for a wee taste.

Old Pulteney – Pineau des Charentes Wine Finish, (one of the Coastal Series bottlings), Highland Single Malt Scotch Whisky, 46% Alc/vol 70 cl

Colour…Light Chardonnay

Nose…Light aromas entice my nose, warming vanilla, three fruit marmalade, sweetness is so in charge.

Taste…Honey sprinkled with sea salt, sweet and fruity, fruit salad with a dash of orange triple sec, vanilla bonbons, butter, and marmalade on toast, a delight.

Finish…Medium finish, sweetness, salt, and honey linger the longest.

A very sweet dram, not your usual Old Pulteney more sweet than maritime. It has an RRP of £74.95. This is a dram to have in your cabinet to allow your guests to experience a dram that is more sweet than spicy or smoky.

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