Holy Smoke Indeed! – Huge Appetite for Single Cask Whisky – SMWS March 2021 Outturn

SMWS Outturn March 2021 – Up Your Whisky Game

The SMWS Outturn March 2021 went live this morning at 9:00 am and what an unbelievable selection it was. Offering 25 individual bottlings together with packs of two, three and six bottles. 

The online system for getting to the Outturn ordering site involves signing in to your member’s account, you are then allocated a number in a queue. The screen will show at what approximate time you are expected to enter the online SMWS shop.

This system is very fair and does not favour one member over another, obviously the earlier you get on then the more of a choice you will have to buy.

I was very lucky and managed to be allocated a very early slot (just after 9am) and bought three fabulous bottlings:

7.260 – Elegant Calligraphy Dram
10.207 – Wa-Wa-Woom!
53.371 – Hard Hat Dram

Nicola got a slot a little later (9.15 am) than I but still got two bottles fro her wish list:

4.265 – Sea Breeze and Lime Trees
125.78 – Refined Rancio

As usual the recognised big hitters and any Islay bottlings are first to fly off the shelf, these were:

10.207 – Wa-Wa-Woom!
53.371 – Hard Hat Dram
24.147 – Red Wine and Cola Sangria Spritzer
29.277 – Holy Smoke!

Within 30 or 25 minutes or so of the outturn opening, there were already six bottlings out of stock. This just shows the insatiable appetite that the members have for Single Cask, Cask Strength Whiskies. 

The price range on offer was from as little £45.60 up to £335.00 and yes the latter of course was a rare Islay.

Well done to all who had a hand in putting this Outturn together, an outstanding selection with prices to match everyone’s wallet/purse.

If any of our readers are reading this they too can become a member, you can join now directly from this site, you will be surprised at what is on offer and the bottlings that are on offer every month. Here is hoping that the pandemic is over soon and we can all get into having fun and tastings in the Societies grand venues.

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2 Responses

  1. TopWhiskies says:

    Difficult to bag in time, but some great releases. Cheers, Ed

  2. Nicola Young says:

    Hi Ed, agreed, they are getting more and more tricky to get your hands on – competition is becoming fierce for these great single cask Whiskies 🙂

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