Midleton Very Rare 2017

It was with great delight that I received an invitation to the global launch of the Midleton Very Rare 2017 which was been held at Midleton Distillery near Cork, this invite was an easy one to say a big yes too.

This 2017 Vintage Release blend was created by master distiller Brian Nation, comprises single pot still and grain Whiskeys drawn from a batch of ex-Bourbon barrels with an age span of 12 to 32 years.

Midleton Very Rare 2017 includes the oldest whiskeys used in the blend to date: 32-year-old grain Whiskey and 26-year-old single pot still Whiskey.

At the launch which was held in the warehouses at the Distillery all the guests were initially split into groups of eight to then sample selected past Very Rare releases. I was in the group led by David Quinn (Head of Whisky Science), he had four releases from past years and gave us a grand tasting, he had such a wealth of knowledge but also made the tasting fun.

Also at the launch was the legendary Midleton Master Distiller Emeritus Barry Crockett and it was my pleasure to have a brief chat and to shake the hand of this true Whiskey legend.

Now , lets do some tasting.

Midleton Very Rare 2017 – Blended Irish Whiskey, No Age Statement, 40% Alc/vol 70cl

Colour…Rich golden marmalade

Nose…Sweet fruit in abundance, lively yet balanced, some Caribbean fruits as well as apples, almonds making an appearance.

Taste…Smooth and elegant, more intense fruit, cotton candy, a wee citrus burst, along came some spices ginger and some mild white pepper, could sip this all day.

Finish…Delightfully long, sweet fruit lingering, gentle spices.

Another triumph from Midleton. Great job from Brian Nation and his team.

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