Glenmorangie Twitter Tasting – May 11th 2015

CEuFcMNWIAI81u5Last night we participated in the very popular Glenmorangie Twitter Tasting.  We tasted and chatted about The Original, Signet, The Duthac and Dornoch.

Great company, tasty drams and some very interesting tasting notes were documented, see below some of the chat from our twitter feed.  To read the full story of the evening, click here. #Glenmorangielive

Results for #glenmorangielive @thewhiskyboys

#glenmorangielive A delightful twitter tasting, Jims favourite Duthac and Nicola loved the Signet,
#glenmorangielive Finish is sweet with loads of vanilla and runny toffee, a mild and tenderness to the palate.
#glenmorangielive Anothers sip of Duthac – 2nd sip goes a little earthy with hessian sacks filled with a mixture of cocoa beans and coffee
#glenmorangielive The taste- eating the finest milk chocolate wearing kid gloves, Jamaica ginger cake with vanilla icing. Some wood spices.
#glenmorangielive The nose. A pick and mix sweet shop sitting next to a fruit shop. soft toffee and milk chocolate covered raisins, WOW
#glenmorangielive Lets open the Duthac, the nose – Jim just wants to sit in the corner for half and hour just nosing.
#glenmorangielive one word – supeerscrumptious –
#glenmorangielive the finish is marzipan, vanilla ice cream over soft fruits.
#glenmorangielive Dornoch on the palate now. Some wood spice, a brides bouquet of fine flowers, chocolate covered nuts, rich, a delight.
#glenmorangielive now going to the Dornoch., oak is strong here, thorntons special toffee is making an appearance.
#glenmorangielive The finish is fresh and clean the sherry for me lingers well.
#glenmorangielive leave it a liitle while in the glass out comes delicious coffee followed by rich orange cream chocolates.
#glenmorangielive just poured a wee Signet, nose is a delight, sherry & treacle toffee hits you first.
#glenmorangielive Are we about to try the Signet ?
#glenmorangielive ideal dram as an aperitif. a delight
#glenmorangielive a clean and fresh finish with a a fresh citrus and toffee sweetness.
#glenmorangielive Sweet vanilla and tropical fruit punch, a frightening dram as it is so easy to sip, let the sun shine for this summer drum
#glenmorangielive The overall nose is a citrus burst with fresh vanilla.
#glenmorangielive The Original nose: warming apples now, followed with some sugar coated light pastry, honey roasted pine nuts
#glenmorangielive The Original nose: dried apricots, soft citrus, sweet vanilla pods, warm fresh towels, familiar & inviting
Dr Bill, looking forward to sharing this tasting with you @TheGlenmorangie @TheWhiskyWire #glenmorangielive Lets go, nose & buds ready!!
#glenmorangielive ready to go @TheWhiskyWire @TheGlenmorangie

Huge thanks to Steve at The Whisky Wire, Dr Bill Lumsden and all the fabulous Whisky loving folk that we share Twitter with every day…

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