Beam Suntory Peated Malts of Distinction – A Guest Tasting

A little while ago I received samples of some very special Peated Malts, but, the Whisky Boys have already tasted and published our notes on this website in the past.

So I got together with Nicola and we decided to let our friend Neil Buchan do a short tasting and give us a brief note on what he found in each of his glasses.

Neil is the Restaurant Manager at one of the finest Chinese Restaurants in Scotland and he is in full charge of selecting wine and spirits for this Restaurant – The Cotton House, Longcroft on the outskirts of Falkirk.

So lets find out what Neil found,some of his notes are one of the most unusual I have come across.

Ardmore Legacyardmore-legacy-bottle

Not much peat, medium. A complex dram, quite a lot of spice but very well balanced. Just “guid “ if I am being honest. Sometimes hard to find bullshit, but I must say I like it – a good balance between the peat, the sweetness & whatever else goes into Whisky.


Laphroaig Selectlaphroaig-select-bottle

Reminds me of messing around at “Underwood Car Breakers” a sort of horrible, dank, pissy melancholy of mechanical grease and drizzle that had seeped through the seats of shitty Fiat Bravas & other affordable shite cars.The wet end of peat. Fruitless. Mint seems to be farting about : both on the aroma and the palate.
Just to note that the smell & nostalgia brings back very fond memories ha. Just thought I’d tell it how I feel it! & taste it.


Connemara Originalconnemara-original-bottle

A wee touch of toffee sweetness, a faint yuzu lime aroma seems held back, flavour cuts off after a minute of so. Session peated dram.


Bowmore Small Batchbowmore-small-batch-bottle

Sweet muscavado sugar ( I know normally associated with sherry but that’s what I get ) on the nose. Seems like a competitor for Talisker in the sweet-peat world. Creamy. It also seems to have a slight menthol Carmex thing on the nose, but very faint. Like a liquid, calmed and restrained Fry’s Peppermint Cream.

Well that’s Neil’s take on the Peated Malts of Distinction, what do you think?

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