Ballantine’s Blended Whisky – Twitter Tasting

Last week we participated with Ballantine’s Twitter Tasting which was hosted by The Whisky Wire. #BallantinesTT

We tasted Ballantine’s Finest, 12yo, 17yo, 21yo and the 30yo – see the Whisky Boys full tasting notes below.

Ballantine’s Finest
Nose – peanuts, oil, waxy, fresh barley, mild honey note, soft pine, apple skins #BallantinesTT
Nose – Catching a wee touch of damp grass, stale perfume, but thankfully vanilla and nutty notes are winning the fight. #BallantinesTT
Taste – Tongue tingle, pencil shavings, grapefruit fizz, grainy & a generic sweetness, sweetcorn, gives a non descript watery finish #BallantinesTT

Ballantine’s 12yo
Nose – waxed crayons, glossy mags, fresh print, sugared cola cubes, #BallantinesTT
Nose – oaky, dusty smoke, maltesers, vanilla slice, #BallantinesTT
Taste – wee tongue nip, sanded oak, runny caramel with crystallised ginger, honey, fells like a big step up from the finest, #BallantinesTT

Ballantine’s 17yo
Nose – nice colour, odd fellows, fudge, dates, crystallised orange, strawberry jelly. #BallantinesTT
Nose – cooking apples, joiners apron, open door to a florists, #BallantinesTT
Taste – Christmas satsumas, jaffa cakes, fresh roasted cloves, a wee touch spirity, licking a first class stamp #BallantinesTT

Ballantine’s 21yo
Nose – Oak panelling, sweet tea cakes, flumpy marshmallows, geranium oil, noses with a touch elegance, dehydrated oranges, #BallantinesTT
exceptionally well balanced, some toasted almonds, #BallantinesTT
Taste – Luxury Peach Melba, vanilla, rose water, sawn oak, dried bananas,
Taste – The oak is squashing the fruit, making a well balanced dram, finishing with smoke that is almost not there. #BallantinesTT

Ballantine’s 30yo
Nose – Chesterfield armchair, plain chocolate with orange chips, Armagnac soaked plump sultanas, passion fruit & toffee mix. #BallantinesTT
Nose – In a moment poached pear comes in, skin of a jaffa orange, best Garibaldi biscuits, waxed jacket, a dignified dram. #BallantinesTT
Taste – Mouth filling sweetness, dried banana & mango flakes, a wee mouth fizz, blending into a gooey syrupy French Liqueur. #BallantinesTT


Loved the 21yo – big surprise and had a complexity I wasn’t expecting #BallantinesTT

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