SMWS Christmas Countdown List – Preview Whisky Tasting

The Societies biggest outturn of the year is saved for the middle of November and can have some of the best single cask, single malts that has passed the Society’s panel over that year.

37 different single cask bottlings are released today to members of the Scotch Malt Whisky Society, this includes 2 Single Cask Rums, 2 Single Cask Grains, 1 Japanese Single Malt, 3 Single Cask Irish Malts and a whopping 29 Single Cask Scotch Malt Whiskies.

The big list has also been released to conveniently co-inside with the very popular Glasgow Whisky Festival (17th November) where the Society will be showcasing the ENTIRE new outturn.

So, last night myself and Jim (and a few others) had the pleasure of attending a wee sneaky peek of 5 drams from the outturn… below are our tasting notes.

Cranachan in de Caribbean | Cask No. 7.79 (Longmorn) Aged 9YO | 61.5% Vol | 258 Bottles
nose: light sweety cream, fresh tropical friuts, pineapple, watermelon and coconut milk, profiteroles
taste: sweet chewy sweet, raspberry, more pineapples, sugary sweetness, warming and  lip licking, the title says it all I am in the Caribbean with this one

Victorian Walled Gardens in Las Vegas | Cask No.  35.75 (Glen Moray) Aged 17YO | 57.9% Vol | 206 Bottles
nose: oriental musky scent, new box of elastoplasts, real turkish delights, fragrants of sandlewood, strudel bursting with apples, cinnamon and raisins
taste: toasted tea loaf, cinnamon doughnuts, rose water, brown sugar, dark coffee, apple crumble topping

An Exotic Tearoom Experience | Cask No. 26.89 (Clynelish) Aged 27YO | 56.6% Vol | 485 Bottles
nose: characteristically waxy, church candle, orange, cloves, strong tea, sweet vanilla ice cream dripping in toffee sauce
taste: floral hints of lavender and a rose garden, oriental spices, fruit cake, glazed cherries, fizzy finish

Complexity Well Beyond it’s Age | Cask No. 72.23 (Miltonduff) Aged 8YO | 58.1% Vol | 144 Bottles
nose: rubber ball, training shoe sole, dark roasted coffee beans, a little cigarette ashy, burnt orange skin/peel, burnt toffee sauce
taste: fresh clean cigar / pipe tobacco, humidor, burnt toast and thick marmalade, crystalised oranges

Deep, Dark and Hugely Entertaining | Cask No. 29.128 (Laphroaig) Aged 21YO | 58.8% Vol | 601 Bottles
nose: damp seaside wood, salty air, singed pork on a BBQ, sweet peat, fireside coal, damp peat bog
taste: bitter dark chocolate, a little bontanical, floral, more meat from a BBQ, burnt crackling, carbolic soap

Tomorrow at the Glasgow Whisky Festival, The Scotch Malt Whisky Society will have every bottle from this new outturn available to taste.  Spoiled for choice…

Have a great day if you are heading there tomorrow…

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