Whisky Tasting – A Double from Master of Malt, Part Two

This is the tasting of the second two samples Nicola received from Master of Malt, check out the previous tastings.

We would highly recommend that all our readers visit the website of Master of Malt to see the vast range of spirits and gifts they have on offer including a personalised bottling service.

Since 2007, Master of Malt has focused its bottling operations on single cask Whiskies that have been bottled at natural cask strength, without chill-filtration.

St. Isidore – Blended Scotch Whisky, 41.4% Alc/vol 70cl

St. Isidore is the patron saint of the internet, and is was a small selection of Whisky bloggers that created this smoky, Islay-inspired blend.


Colour…Light fresh straw

Nicola’s Tasting

Nose…Surgical powered gloves, light wood, burnt fire wood, dusty embers.
Taste…Sweet peat, fresh fruit orchard pie, heavy smoke rings in a bar.
Finish…Long and nicely warming.

Score…2.5 Corks

Jim’s Tasting

Nose…Light floral aroma’s, seaside BBQ smoke, sweet exotic fruit.
Taste…Full of Islay influences, Cornish vanilla ice cream, pepper and peat smoke, quite hot, a walk through a sawmill, salty dryness, needs a little water to dampen the fire.
Finish…Medium to long finish, remains warm on the palate, quite a few fruits sprinkled with mixed spices.

Score…3 Corks

Overall score…3 Corks

This is quite a fine blend, but at £49.95 you have to ask yourself is this too much for a luxury blend.  We enjoyed this dram and salute the bloggers that created it and the special artwork on the label.   This bottle is now available from Master of Malt.

Now for our second dram for tonight.

Inchgower Speyside Single Malt Scotch Whisky – 29 Year Old, Distilled 1982, Bottled 2011, Single Cask – 53.9% Alc/vol 70cl


Colour…Dry island sand

Nicola’s Tasting

Nose…Old clothes, too long in the washing machine, damp, stale.
Taste…Sour, not premium chocolate, unpleasant, damp cask?

Score…1 Cork

Jim’s Tasting

Nose…First and lingering aroma is stale damp wood.
Taste…Too long in the cask or too short? something has gone wrong….
Finish…Quite long and hot.

Score…1 Cork

Overall score…1 Cork

What happened here, something is not right in this cask, the Whisky Boys have not come across a dram like this one before.

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