Whisky Boys, Back to School – Exam Night

It is Tuesday 8th of March at 6.30 pm, and all of John Lamond’s students have gathered at the Glasgow Metropolitan College.

Everyone was in good humour and the chat and banter was in good spirit.  The exam was made up of 50 multiple choice questions john-lamondfollowed by a Whisky Tasting, we had to identify three Whiskies by blend/region and even the distillery.  Scott was called away late last night on business and was unable to attend the college this evening.   Our lecturer John was however kind enough to email the exam through to Scott for him to complete remotley and email his answers back to John – with the understanding he was not allowed to give me a sneak peak at the questions.

The exam was quickly over and our lecturer, John Lamond got down to marking all the papers, while John was marking he had left a good selection of odd bottles of Whiskies on his desk and requested that we could all help ourselves to a taste.

Some of the bottles were small sample bottles which included Scotch, Irish and some Bourbon Whiskies.

Our lecturer John, was more than happy to tell his students that they all had passed and all the marks were in and around the 80% success rate.  Almost all the students were able to identify the three Whiskies:

But when it came down to identifying the actual distilleries, well that was a different story, a couple of the students managed to get the brand/distillery correct, which were :-


Well we have only one other event in the Whisky Trail Certificate Course, and that is a visit to Glengoyne Distillery tomorrow.

So to finish off, both Jim and Scott have had a great eight weeks, all the better for our lecturer John D. Lamond and the great crowd of guys and a gal that attended this grand course, so if any of our readers get a chance check out the Glasgow Metropolitan College website and get yourself enrolled in the next course, the lecturer, students and the Whisky tastings were all of an extremely high standard.

Jim and Scott are now seriously considering John Lamond’s Whisky Trail Advanced course which the College have incorrectly listed as starting in April, having discussed this with John, he had advised the advance course is likely to start in September of this year.

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