The Scotch Malt Whisky Society – Tastings 10th February 2010

It is the 10th of February 2010 and Jim and Nicola are heading for The Scotch Malt Whisky Society (SMWS) in Edinburgh for a tasting of the newest Outturn with Olaf their Malt Whisky Ambassador.

We duly arrived at the sumptious premises and shown up to the top floor suite where all the glasses / water and tasting notes were all laid out and at the top of the table stood Olaf with a big grin welcoming all his Whisky tasting friends.

After all the usual introductions, albeit there were some tasters from previous Outturns that we were glad to meet again, we sat down to the very serious business of tasting the selection of single cask single malt Whiskies that was chosen by our host, Olaf.

Below Jim and Nicola have given there tasting notes for the five drams provided by the SMWS.scottish-malt-whisky-society

First up was Caribbean beach party Cask No. 1.151 which is a 1st fill 10 year old Glenfarclas Speyside Single Malt at 63.3% Alc/vol. one of 184 bottles

Nicola’s tasting… Very strong alcohol on the nose, found it to be a bit tongue numbing the but sweet when you get past the alcohol, with quite a long finish.

Jim’s tasting… Nippy on the nose on first sniff, a strong tongue tingle with vanilla and maple syrup sweetness but a power punch of a dram, a strong long finish.

Second was Exotic tales of summer Cask No. 22.28 a 21 year old Glenkinchie Lowland Single Malt at 54% Alc/vol one of 223 bottles

Nicola’s tasting…A citrus freshness on the nose, flavours of Berty Bassett and fruit gums with some liquorice, a gentle smooth finish.

Jim’s tasting…Fresh and sweet on the nose becomes even nicer with a little water added, sweet and liquorice with vanilla and a nip of pepper, pleasant to sip, medium finish.

Our third of the night was Tickled by ‘monstera deliciosa’ Cask No. 99.11 a refill hogs head 29 year old Glenugie Highland Single Malt at 43.4% Alc/vol one of 192 bottles ( note, this distillery closed in 1983 and we understand no official bottlings exist, although independent bottlings by Douglas Laing together with SMWS are rare.)

Nicola’s tasting…Quite ale like on the nose, fruity and sweet, rice pudding, Cava notes and a white wine after taste, smooth and medium finish.

Jim’s tasting…Very gentle on the nose showing some floral notes, on the palate was leather, sweetness of rare fruits, and in the background Old English Spangles, this dram
is different, very very different, but in a grand way, a medium finish with leather lingering the longest.

Our penultimate dram was Pouring treacle on cut grass Cask No. 105.13 a 1st fill sherry cask 26 year old Tormore Speyside Single Malt at 56% Alc/vol and one of 319 bottles.

Nicola’s tasting…A powerful nose of grass and Cavonia, on the palate is cloves, coffee, cherries and a savoury spicy chewiness, quite complex, lovely long finish.

Jim’s tasting… A strong nose here showing some chocolate, a nice tingle on the tongue from a sweet spicy syrupy nutiness, great juicy sweet finish.

Our final tot of the evening was Captain Pugwash Cask No. 53.139 a 27 year old Caol Ila Islay Single Malt at 55.2% Alc/vol and one of 256 bottles.

Nicola’s tasting…Smoke is the first aroma with a touch of sea spray, all the joys of sitting on the beach with a log fire and eating salty oysters listening to the ocean lapping
against the pebbles and your toes the spray showering you in a gentle mist, long and sweet smoky finish.

Jim’s tasting… Clean sea spray and plenty of smoke, ever so smooth, all that is smoke, shellfish and all things seashore, a delight of a dram with a wonderful typical Islay finish.

For the record Jim and Nicola gave the 27 year old Caol Ila our top marks for a wonderful, delicious dram.

Well what can the Whisky Boys say about this special tasting event, one word comes to mind fantastic. Dougie will be so jealous that he was unable to attend the Outturn tasting with Olaf, and Jim and Nicola thinks he will be even more upset when he reads our notes on the fabulous drams we tasted tonight.

Our BIG thanks goes out to Jenny McMahon an Account Manager with Weber Shandwick of Edinburgh and The Scotch Malt Whisky Society whose Ambassador, Olaf is someone special and his enthusiasm and passion for Single Malts is never ending.

For all our readers, please log on to where you can find all the details about the Scotch Malt Whisky Society including how to become a member.

Thanks again to all, and we all hope to meet you soon.

The Whisky Boys ( Jim, Dougie and Nicola )

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