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This coming Friday (January 15th 2010) Two of the Whisky Boys, Jim and Nicola are going to the Glasgow Royal Concert Hall where in the Buchanan Suite they will be partaking in the blending of the Whisky Boys version of the wonderful Black Bottle Whisky.

At this event we will join Kirstie McCallum, Scotland’s youngest Whisky blender, to discover the secrets behind Black Bottle – the unique blended Scotch Whisky with the heart of Islay – and have a go at making it ourself! In this hands-on workshop, Kirstie will demonstrate the craftsman(woman)ship behind the art of blending.

The picture you see is from last years (2009) Islay Malt and Music Festival when both Jim and Nicola visited the home of Black Bottle, Bunnahabhain Distillery on the fantastic island of Islay.

Hoping not to make too many of our readers jealous, Jim and his wife Jacqueline are having a winter break on Islay in a few weeks time and Jim is sure to visit most if not all of  Islay’s Distillery’s, as expected Bunnahabhain is high on our list for a visit and of course a wee dram or two.

Jim and Jacqueline are also looking forward to a trip or three to the various fabulous beaches to see the power of the winter waves lashing against our favourite island, so you can imagine us standing on the golden sands all rapped up looking out to the Atlantic, but no doubt Jim will have his hip flask with him and it will surely have an Islay Single Malt within, but not for long, Jim will need warmed up.

So look out for Jim and Nicola’s Whisky Boy review of this up and coming whisky event.


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