Jura Whisky – 10 Year Old Single Malt Whisky

Isle of Jura 10 Year Old Single Malt Whisky
Isle of Jura Distillery,
Isle of Jura,
PA60 7XT.

01496 820385

This grand malt is encased in a very sensuous bottle, full of gentle curves and does stand out.

This Single Malt is generally available in all supermarkets for less than £20 for a 70cl bottle, but we have noticed ‘on special’ at many supermarkets every now and again for as little as £16 or there about, what a great buy, the Whisky Boys would always take advantage of this price whenever we see it, a great deal.

The tastingisle-of-jura-10-year-old-single-malt-whisky

Colour: Copper bronze.

Dougie’s tasting

Nose…Dry with a light whiff of smoke and hospitals.

Taste…Initial sweetness followed by a rich and round cigar/tobacco and a citric tingle.

Finish…Quite long malt/peat dryness.

Jim’s tasting

Nose…Lightly peated and sweet.

Taste…Very smooth and mellow, oily with a touch of fruit.

Finish…Malty and sea saltiness in the medium to long finish.

There you go a malt of the month and a tasting all in the one.

Jim has always favoured Isle of Jura Superstition and not bought or tasted the 10 year old for quite some time, boy was Jim impressed he thought it was smooth and delicate and will not pass it by in the pub or supermarket shelf again without remembering this grand wee tasting.

Dougie was glad he purchased this smashing 10 year old and was also suitably impressed by its charm and elegance, another certain lodger for Dougies fast becoming full cupboard.

As we always finish when we taste a good un, go out and buy one, taste and add it to you Scotch Malt collection it deserves to be there.

Remember when you purchase your bottle tell them the Whisky Boys sent you, cheers.

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