Singleton Whisky – Single Malt Scotch Whisky of Dufftown, 12 Year Old

Singleton Whisky – Single Malt Scotch Whisky of Dufftown, Matured for 12 Years. 40% alc.

Owned by Diageo.

Speyside region.

Dufftown Distillery,
Banffshire AB55 4BR.

No visitor centre and no website. You can only go to

The bottle is quite unique, flat on one side and rounded on the other, easily spotted in the supermarket and all good Whisky shops. Nicola commented on one thing that she has not seen on any other bottles, ‘nutrition information’, i.e. how fattening this Whisky is, and we are sure that its the same values for all other Scotch’s, unless you know better.

Well now for the tasting, we were all apprehensive as none of us know too much about this Malt, but now know that Bell’s Blended Whisky contains a huge chunk of this distilleries output.

Colour…Deep golden honey.


Jim’s tasting

Nose…Sweet and syrupy fruit – no harshness here.

Taste…Smooth, fresh and clean hinting towards a little spice.

Finish…Medium/long and non-stop lip smacking, a surprising delight.


Dougie’s tasting

Nose…Honey and Christmas cake.

Taste…Tongue tingling richness with an underlying freshness, goes over so smoothly.

Finish…Medium length with a touch of liquorice.


Nicola’s tasting

Nose…Vanilla and toffee sweetness with festive spice.

Taste…Sweet, fruity and very tasty.

Finish…Long and smooth full of yummyness.



This was a big surprise to us all, we were only expecting a middle of the road Malt. The big surprise was in favour of the exceptional side, we all loved it, so much so Dougie had to have a second tasting (just because he can be greedy sometimes, on this occasion we did not blame him.)

Now you can find this Single Malt in most supermarkets now priced around £30 or less, so on our recommendation please buy one, you can not go wrong and your guests will love you for ever when they taste this wee dram.

Go out there and tell them all that this is a very, very good dram.

Please enjoy this Whisky and when you buy one or anyone asks you where you heard about it, remember to tell them it was the Whisky Boys who suggested this wee nip.

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