Waterford Gaia Organic 2.1

Waterford Gaia Organic 2.1

Waterford Gaia Organic 2.1 70cl / 50% | Irish Single Malt Whisky |
Distillery Bottling

Batch 2.1 of Waterford's Gaia Organic Irish single malt whiskey is part of a series which champions farmers that are growing barley with sustainable methods that respect the land and prioritise flavour over yield. Gaia Organic 2.1 is made with barley harvested in 2016 and offers aromas of orange peel, freshly-baked bread, milk chocolate, fig rolls, lavender, marshmallows and buttermilk that fill the nose, complemented by notes of white pepper, grapefruit, liquorice, cherries, dark chocolate, toast, peaches and lemon zest throughout the palate.


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Released On
23rd March 2022

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