St George | Single Malt Whisky | Lot 17

St George  |  Single Malt Whisky  |  Lot 17 70cl / 43% | Californian Single Malt Whiskey

Lot 17 is the 2017 release of St George's single malt whiskey. The distillery was one of the first, if not the first, to produce single malt in the USA, and it was the first thing that master distiller Lance Winters made – the reason why he started the distillery in the first place. It's a vatting of 19 barrels, aged for between six and eight years. It's a mix of different types of cask, with ex-bourbon casks, port and dessert wine casks all on the list. It's bold, fruity, rich and spicy – a very American take on single malt.


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Released On
16th October 2018

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