Lg11 | Elements of Islay

Lg11 | Elements of Islay

Lg11  |  Elements of Islay 50cl / 54.1% | Islay Single Malt Scotch Whisky |
Elixir Distillers

A marriage of four casks of Lagavulin, distilled in 2007, Lg11 has a bold, coastal character with lots of creamy, savoury flavours. Aromas of toffee pennies, dried tea, seaweed, smoked meats, juicy grapes and rolled oats fill the nose, complemented by notes of smoked pancetta carbonara, cracked black pepper, almond butter, lemons, salty driftwood, pear chutney and freshly-shucked oysters throughout the palate.


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Released On
17th May 2021

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