Author: Nicola Young

October is Bourbon Month 0

October is Bourbon Month

At Whisky Boys we are trying something a little different, we have decided to dedicate the full month of October to Bourbon. So for this month we will not let anything pass our lips within the tasting room apart from Bourbon. This could prove a hard challenge as you know we love our Malt Whiskies at Whisky Boys

Whisky Boys day out in the Capital 0

Whisky Boys day out in the Capital

Today we are venturing into Edinburgh, not for one engagement but two, I hope we are up to it…. time will tell, or should I say our followup post will tell.

Once we arrive in Edinburgh out first stop is Leslies Bar (Edinburgh’s finest Ale and Whisky House) at 4pm for a tasting of 4 delicious Glengoyne Single Malt Whiskies.