Scapa – The Orcadian, Glansa

Here at Whisky Boys HQ we are going to taste the new Scapa, Glansa which is Norse for ‘storm-laden skies’

Scapa’s Glansa is it’s second release following the release of Scapa Skiren, these are now the only two permanent expressions from Chivas (Pernod Ricard)

Scapa’s Master Distiller, Brian MacAulay said ‘As Scapa’s first peated single malt, this long-standing Orcadian whisky, with fruity textures yet smoky finish, makes it the perfect representation of this island of contrasts.’

This dram started it’s maturation in American Oak barrels and then was finished in barrels that had previously held peated, smoky Whisky.

Orkney is an island that both Nicola and I would love to find the time to visit and tour both distilleries, one day it will happen.

Let’s open the bottle and have a wee taste.

Scapa – The Orcadian, Glasna, Highland Single Malt Whisky, 40% Alc/vol 70 cl.scapa

Colour….Copper dog

Nose…Soft Caribbean fruits, loads of vanilla and some hints of honey, in the background is a wee heather fire.

Taste…Vanilla ice cream, singed honey and orange glazed ham, a little oak peeping in, sweet smoke from a beach bonfire, a feel of runny caramel, loads of well ripened tropical fruits.

Finish…Quite long with salted caramel, delicious lingering sweet and calming smoke.

This one is right up Jim’s street, smoky but certainly not overpowering and at around £45.00 for this single malt it is within most whisky drinkers budget.

For any of our readers and unsure about peaty/smoky Whisky then this is one to try, it will be gentle with you no boxing gloves here just velvet mittens.

This is a fine dram and we will use this in our tastings and hopefully get the tasters that are a bit scared of peat/smoke will be converted on their journey through the wonderful world of Whisky flavour profiles.

You can buy this bottle here >>

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