Jameson’s The Whiskey Makers Series

Jameson is ready for a shake up, and they are not taking on this project lightly…  Daniel Lundberg, Global Brand Director for Jameson, comments:

“The restructure of the Jameson family is the most significant move in our brand’s recent history. This is an exceptionally exciting development that positions Jameson at the forefront of innovation and advance within the Irish Whiskey category. The family, comprised of The Whiskey Makers Series, the range of Heritage whiskeys and The Deconstructed Series is underpinned by the brand’s people and craft, heritage, taste and fearlessness; in short, the qualities for which Jameson is celebrated throughout the world. Today we finally get to unveil our new family globally and witness Irish Whiskey fans discovering new stories, flavours and experiences from Jameson.”


Last week I was extremely lucky to be visiting Midleton Distillery, and was treated to a tasting with their respective creators,  Jameson Head Distiller, Brian Nation; Head Cooper, Ger Buckley; and Head Blender, Billy Leighton. (see image above)

Guided through the new series, known as “The Whiskey Makers Series”, listening and understanding why the names were formulated, why the specific profiles of these individual whiskies were decided upon and also how these whiskies fit together in this new series, that’s one of the most innovative but yet personal in recent years.  Literally putting their finger print on Jameson Irish Whiskey history, the worlds leading Irish Whiskey.

unnamed (1)The Distiller’s Safe is available globally with an RRP of €70 or local equivalent (70cl bottle, 40% ABV)

Nose: Peaches, cereals, meadow fresh, light & fresh, creamy, lime zest citrus
Taste: Light and airy, fresh cotton balls, arran wool, grassy notes, wicker baskets from an orchard filled with peaches

The Cooper’s Croze is available globally with an RRP of €70 or local equivalent (70cl bottle, 40% ABV)

Nose: Cherry drops, almonds, burnt strawberry & creams, toasted croissants, milk chocolate
Taste: Red juicy fruits, freshly baking bakery, french patisseries, soft creamy chocolate with marshmallows

The Blender’s Dog is available globally with an RRP of €70 or local equivalent (70cl, 40% ABV)

Nose: Grapes, leather, pipe tobacco, vanilla, apple skins, cinnamon, orange skins
Taste: Sweet green fruits, dusty apple pie crust, crystallized oranges, sugar ginger and a small hint of cigar smoke

If I had to choose between the three then I would need to go with the “Cooper’s Croze” this Whiskey has many of the notes that I love to find in a dram.  10/10 😉


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