Hot Toddy – Whisky Boy’s Caught the Cold

Upon my arrival at work on Monday night I was promptly smitten with the cold from my so called friend and colleague Chris. (I am not taking a day off work just because of a cold) Sweeney. Thanks Chris !

Therefore, Tuesday morning saw me out and about West Drayton for my weekly shop, one of my stops being Aldi where I came across a bottle of Highland Black Special Reserve Blended Scotch Whisky, I then instantly thought through my sniffling misery “hot toddy” !!

This eight year old scotch produced by Alistair Graham Ltd for Aldi stores attracted me particularly as it collected a silver medal at the international wine and spirit competition last year.  Included in my shopping basket was a jar of orange honey and a packet of paracetamol.

Scurrying home with my purchases I lost no time in having a hot bath, afterwards putting a healthy glug or three of the “cratur” into a beaker adding an equal amount of boiling water and a tablespoon of the orange honey, giving it another minute in the microwave and into bed with the steaming concoction (instant contentment), the toddy and paracetamol soon sweated much of the cold away. After a couple of days of this “treatment” I felt 90% normal, not that I profess to ever being 100%.

Anyway, now that the cold is on the wane I write today of tasting the Whisky “au natural”, and quite impressed I am.

The heady vapors from the initial pour certainly cut through the bunged up nostrils and opened them up to a nose drying spiciness, which, when a drop of water was added tasted a quite balanced sweetness with mouth warming spice and lingering aftertaste.

Not a bad dram for £11.49 from Aldi stores, worth a visit.

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