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Dalwhinnie – A Distillery Visit

As part of The Whisky Boys visit to Speyside last week we took the opportunity to call into Dalwhinnie Distillery which we have passed by on many occasions when heading north....

Spirits and the Spey 0

Spirits and the Spey

When was the last time you faced your fears head on… I would need to say last Wednesday (4th April)

Last Tuesday morning I was heading to the highland town of Newtonmore (in the snow) to participate in a jam packed three day open canoe and whisky trip down the River Spey. There were also a few other invited guests on the way, MissWhisky, Dr Andrew Forrester and Fiona Outdoors.

Talisker – A Distillery Visit 0

Talisker – A Distillery Visit

It is Thursday 22nd March 2012 and Whisky Boy Jim and his wife Jacqueline together with two family guests Philip and Lorraine Giles from Ireland are setting off for a well planned long weekend, which will include a trip to Talisker Distillery.

Arran – A Distillery Visit 1

Arran – A Distillery Visit

I don’t know if I have shared with you previously, but my star sign is Virgo – some of the characteristics are attention to detail, punctuality and generally a predisposition to...

Diageo’s Famous Archive Visit 1

Diageo’s Famous Archive Visit

It was early March when Nicola and Jim received an e-mail from Patrick Roberts (Cognis Public Relations London) detailing an invite from Dr Nick Morgan, Diageo’s Scotch Knowledge and Heritage Director and...

Islay 2011 (Whisky & weans) 5

Islay 2011 (Whisky & weans)

The kids are off school and we have nothing organised so early on Saturday morning (9th April) I decide, lets go to Islay….

We get on the phone to Margaret at Port Charlotte Holidays to ask if she has any availability for tomorrow until next Saturday, YES she does….