Glass Quaich



The tradition of The quaich  Scottish Gaelic “cuach” meaning drinking cup or “cup o friendship” dates from the Scottish Highlands from the 17th and 18th centuries.. A Quaich was traditionally fashioned from oak and has been known to have been turned using whisky barrel staves. They then became more commonly found popular in silver or pewter.. We have taken a moulded glass quaich and finished it with the attributes of whisky and our own brand stamp.  It measures 110mm diameter. Available in Amber, Blue and Pink. The perfect cup at a Burns Supper or as a gift to seal a long friendship or to mark a Marriage. Perfect for Christenings,  Weddings, Groomsmen, Best Man gifts or just to toast the New Year.. Slainte Mhath.. *please note: this product is not manufactured in Scotland it is however finished by our expert glass decorators here in Scotland